Shalom. | Peace.

You are here. So ask yourself: who – or what – has led you “here”? Why have you come across this page? Was it by chance? Simple coincidence? Fluke of the “universe”?

I believe it’s far more than that.

I believe — rather — I know – someone has led you here. In fact, wherever you go, whatever you see, whatever you read – all of it was predetermined; foreknown. Every single detail of your life remains stored in the foreknowledge of One who is greater than all creation. The question is: who is it?


These are questions we should always be asking ourselves… I say “should” because many of us don’t. We go about our lives, statically- going through the motions of this flat dimension, usually considering nothing beyond the physical.

Well, that is where we err- for when we do this, we entrap our own minds into thinking & behaving a certain way. We perceive things just as they are, with no questions asked, “no harm done”. I challenge you, dear reader, to begin to question your life- question the things you believe in your life.

Question where you come from and where you are headed- both in this lifetime and in the ever-after. Question the religion and beliefs you (may) attach yourself to- question the history “they” present and see if you can find concrete evidence. Consider the staves of this society and see if you can begin to break them down -one by one, piece by piece- and behold what they were upholding in the first place.

This is a space for those who seek Truth – not only truth about what the name of our Father is (and yes- the “God” of heaven had/has a real name) – but also about where you come from, where “they” come from… and what things you can do to change — to experience a peace in life that truly surpasses all earthly understanding.

This is a space for encouragement and admonishment. For those seeking support amidst a troubled world. A space to talk. A space to be. A space, ultimately, to praise our Abba.

My prayer is that we can reach through the darkness and seek for the Light. Our souls are such precious gifts – and sadly – many have been deluded into giving it away into the hands of the wicked.

(Here’s another question: what do you consider wicked in this modern age?)

There is a voice – that is always speaking – and we must learn to listen. We must learn to hearken. Above all the noise, we must try.

Much love to my family (Myspacha) and to those attempting to seek Truth;