7:44 pm 


Discernment: it must spring forth from the love and insight of Yahuah.

You must be spiritually connected to Him and see others as they are. A majority of the people you come across wear a façade to try and shield their innermost being. A natural defense mechanism established by man.

Yahuah gave us His divine nature – but since our original fall in the Garden – we have all descended into this “carnal state”. Now, we must regain that primal state of intimacy — with the Most High, Yahuah — once again. When you seek Him earnestly and with a sincere heart – indeed, you will find Him. When you ask of Him, He will give you “things”… spiritual “things”: gifts.


“When your love tank is empty, it’s easy to fall into a people pleasing mode.”


Don’t seek to please people or your flesh. But seek to please Him – who can destroy your body and soul in eternal Hellfire. Be sure He is pleased with you at all times.

Those who are operating in wickedness – dishing out affliction – know that they have allowed themselves to be utterly consumed by rotting emotions. Therefore, the fruit that they produce and share is unpleasant & rotten. Our fruit is not solely for us – does the tree bear fruit only for one person, or itself?

No – so likewise, we must remember that our fruit is for others.

Now- that charity starts at home. Examine & judge yourself critically before looking to others.

Shalom, family.


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